Password, Please!

What!?? Since when do I need a password?
Sorry, there's a little more personal information on here than I was comfortable having freely accessible these days. So in 2021 I added a simple password to keep the site to friends and family.
How do I get the password?
Just ask JP.
Will I have to enter it every time?
Once you enter the password it sets a cookie that lasts for ten years, so you shouldn't have to enter it again on this computer. If you clear your cookies or want to use the site on another computer then yeah, you'll need to enter it again.
That doesn't actually work and I have to input the password all the time.
Blame Topaz. Or me. I don't know. It's not a hard password to remember.
I still say this stinks.
Sorry, here's a picture of Neil. Hope it helps. Lovable Neil